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Celebrating 24 years in the Service Desk Industry

Service Desk consulting since 1992

Cedar Technology has been providing consulting expertise and system configuration to a wide variety of customers in all industries throughout the United States and across Europe.

Solar Power and Cooling

Cedar Technology is partnering with SolarNext AG in Germany to bring alternative air conditioning to the USA. Energy efficient systems using Solar and alternative fuels in conjunction with ecologically friendly refrigeration using pure water as its refrigerant instead of dangerous and environmentally expensive chemicals.

SolarNext Logo
Focussing on small to mid sized companies and organisations with support staff sizes from 5 up, Cedar Technology can help turn your service desk into a world class operation whilst minimising costs, improving efficiency and maintaining excellent worker satisfaction for the support personnel.
The service desk has evolved from the simple help desk of the early 1990s to the modern complete service operation of today providing support and management for all aspects of the IT organisation. Cedar Technology has kept ahead of the curve with innovative products and a wealth of experience and expertise.

Consulting, training and software sales.

Cedar Technology has access to some of the most talented professionals in the industry to provide top class consulting, implementation and training services to complement the cutting edge software from its partners. Let us help you to create an award winning service organisation with cutting edge software and innovative solutions to problems both old and new.